al rehab perfumes

al rehab perfumes

Al Rehab perfumes is the largest perfume manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. They have been manufacturing perfumes and attars for many years. The Al Rehab perfumes are originally free from alcohol and fully made of natural flower and fruit essences. They are also the leading manufacturers for Roll On attar’s. They provide plenty of choices for both men and women.

The essential oils for these perfumes are obtained by distillation of flowers, plants, and grasses, such as orange blossom and roses. Woods are highly important in providing the base notes to a perfume, wood oils and distillates are indispensable in perfumery. There are plenty of products available from Al Rehab and some of them are Ghadah, Khaliji, Al Bahoor, Al Fares, Al Rehab Red Rose etc.

Al Rehab - Ghadah

Al Rehab Ghadah is a highly concentrated perfume which is available in both Roll On, as well as attar. It is fully free from alcohol and chemical substances. This perfume is available in different a volume which approximately starts from the 3ml content.

Al Rehab - Al RehabKhaliji

Al Rehab Khaliji is a concentrated perfume which is available in roll on model. It is high quality attar oil which is completely free from the alcohol. This perfume approximately starts from 6ml content. Their price range even starts from $2.5.

Al Fares

Al-Rehab Al-Fares is a quality concentrated perfume manufactured by Al Rehab in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. This Al Fares perfume approximately starts from 3ml content and priced approximately $1.5. It is also available in both attar and perfume model.

Al Rehab Red Rose

Al Rehab Red Rose is a quality concentrated perfume manufactured in Saudi Arabia. It is a roll on attar perfume which is totally free from alcohol. Al Rehab Red Rose perfume approximately starts from 6ml content and priced $2.5. Al Rehab.