Best Attars

Some Top Selling Best Attars:


Wardh taifi -Arabian oil, is one of the famous Perfume oil manufactured by Haramain.

  • Made from pure rose extracts
  • Sweet floral scent
  • Very strong fragrance that smells fresh all day long
  • Quantity of this oil is approx. 12ml
  • Weight is approx. 805 gms
  • It is relatively very costly, as its price range starts from $490.00 and above


Afaaq perfume oil is one of the latest oriental concentration oil from the house of Ajmal perfumes one of the top manufacturers of high quality attars.

  • Afaaq perfume oil extracts have various refreshing notes, which smells fresh and pleasant for a very long duration.
  • Made especially for women
  • Generally comes in quantity of 13ml and approximately it weighs 130 gms.
  • Price ranges from $58.00 and above. The price purely depends on the concentrations of perfume oil, plus on its quantity.


Affaf (chastity / modesty) Arabian perfume oil is the best perfume oil from the house of the leading manufacturers Haramain especially targeted for men.

  • Affaf perfume oil extracts smells as pure as a budding rose.
  • Contains oriental scent and consists of various refreshing notes like, Virgin Amber, Dehan Al Oudh, Sandal, and Thaif Rose.
  • Classified as spicy perfume oil that smells fresh and pleasant for a very long duration.
  • quantity is 45ml (1.522 oz), which approximately weighs about 1040 gms.
  • Price ranges from $110.00 and above.


Al-Nabha (the spring) Arabian perfume oil is a concentrated perfume free from alcohol, considered to be the best attar, preferred by men.

  • Contains oriental scent concentrations and is classified as spicy perfume oil
  • Consists of Thaif rose, sandal, dehnal Oudh, amber, and saffron extracts
  • Quantity is 40 ml (1.353 oz), which weighs about 346 gms
  • Price range is $47.00 and above.