Attar and Perfume Oils

Attar or Perfume Oils are The Purest Form Of Attar Perfume And Its Fragrance Is Completely Natural.

The word  Attar, or oud which can be otherwise called as “Otto”, comes from the Persian word meaning “To smell sweet” . It is the Purest form of perfume oil  that doesn’t consist of any alcoholic property or any chemicals. Attar is one of the most volatile oils which is very pure and smooth with a deep and strong odor.

The odor of perfume oils or attar is a balanced combination of tea-like aroma of leaves and the soft sweetness of flowers. For living flowers the predominating first note is a bit lighter and sweeter, but in the attar the two aromas coexists in a balanced form. The distillation process takes nearly for 25 days for a pure and smooth attar, but which is very costly.


Attar oil is Attar pefume oilsnothing but pure distilled notes, essential oils or perfumes extracted by hydro-distilling of various flowers, roots, herb, spices and even it can be made from animal extracts like musk and amber.

Types of Attars

Attar perfumes possess unlimited benefits and has several healing properties. Different type of attar offers different benefits. Some types are:


The most popular attar extracted from Bulgarian rose, also known as ‘damascene’ or the ‘queen of flowers’. It is one of the primary ingredient of the world’s most famous perfume.

Bulgarian rose is unparallel in offering various healing properties and benefits, such as

  • Rose Otto is considered to be very safe and is among the least toxic of all essential oils.
  • It is well known for its aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and astringent actions.
  • Rose oil when few drops added to water or milk is often used to treat various problems, like, coughs, depression, etc
  • Bulgarian Otto is used in cosmetics for treating various skin problems and moreover it is suited to all types of skins from dry skin to eczema and also for aging skin. It softens and improves tone and texture of skin.
  • It helps in treating nausea
  • It helps in curing asthma and other respiratory problems
  • It helps in curing women’s complaints like, leucorrhoea, uterine disorders, cramps, etc

Apart from the above listed benefits it also offers to help for treatment of sensual blends for treating some emotional problems like Anxiety and stress related complaints including headache and insomnia


It comes in various sizes of bottles and it is bit costly. For example

* 2 ml – $37.00
* 5 ml – $78.00
* 15 ml – $155.00 and above


This perfume attar oil is made from sandalwood extracts. The warm, sweet, slightly spicy precious sandalwood notes present a melodic blend which is distinct but not over powering. The non-dominating fixative characteristics of this oil make it an ideal choice for creating attars and a wide range of other perfumes. It is relatively very costly.


  • It is used in curing various skin diseases.
  • It is used in various cosmetics, as it helps in improving skin tone and texture
  • It provides excellent cooling effects when applied on burns and cuts.

Apart from the above listed perfume attar oils, attar can also be made from lavender oil, jojoba oil, ylang ylang oil, chamomile oil, etc. All these oils have various medical healing properties. All attar or Otto is priced as per purity and size of the content which is measured in ml (metric liter of volume). Attar.